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European Education and Training Accreditation Center (EETAC) is an international accreditation system database established in United Kingdom in 2002.

Since the day it was founded, it has been operating in the direction of international accreditation and verification of the certificates they received at the end of the training provided by individuals and institutions.

EETAC database has direct integration of consulates, immigration administrations and official institutions of many countries. Job applications, immigration & citizenship applications, new business establishment, etc. EETAC accredited certificates are accepted in many fields.

EETAC accredited certificates, especially in terms of consulates, they are valid even in England and Germany, which are the most meticulous in accepting documents. Certificates can be queried and verified by public officials through the seamless integration of accreditation.

In addition, it also meets the certification needs required for establishing a business in the country or abroad, and to be used in license permits and applications.

Distributorship Authorizations

EETAC has 5 authorized distributors in different parts of the world.

EETAC HQ (United Kingdom)
> Authorized Countries: All Europe Countries
> Contact: [email protected]

EETAC NA (North America)
> Authorized Countries: All North America Countries
> Contact: [email protected]

EETAC SA (South America)
> Authorized Countries: All South America Countries
> Contact: [email protected]

EETAC AU (Australia)
> Authorized Countries: In Australia
> Contact: [email protected]

EETAC TR (Turkey)
> Authorized Countries: All Asia and Africa Countries
> Contact: [email protected]

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